Towards the Consumer

Zoodiaco s philosophy of quality is based on high technical and innovative standards as we work exclusively with specialised channels in which consumers are definitely more attentive and demanding. Despite the wide and varied offer of more than 1,500 references, the product lever is the least important to us as we are convinced that we can offer all Zoodiaco buyers an entire universe of values by placing the health and well-being of their animals and plants first and therefore satisfying their needs. This is why our formulas are created with the best genuine and natural ingredients, made in total respect of nature.

Towards Trade

The modern formula that has allowed Zoodiaco to make its mark on the market, so much so that it has been included among the first ten companies in this field, is based on an ideal and constructive relationship with retail sales outlets. This is thanks to total sharing with the shopkeeper of the problems of the market and the strategies to be applied every day, working in light of solutions and opportunities. The company believes that every shop has its own history, its own clients and its own demands related to the specific characteristics of the context in which it operates. Starting from these considerations, Zoodiaco guarantees constant market and communication operations and provides merchandising materials and organises courses for constant updates to support specialised channels, as well as constant in-store promotion through the distribution of fun gadgets.

Our Mission

Zoodiaco represents a modern method of interpreting the market, creating quality products and services to satisfy the end user through partnerships with advanced retailers.